Building a cross-platform, feature-based Eclipse RCP Product with Tycho (the umpteenth)

My blog has moved to a new home. Please go to for the Brand New Code on the Block! And – like they said in the nineties – “don’t forget to update your bookmarks”. Link to this post on the new site:
DISCLAIMER: This solution was tested with Eclipse Indigo (3.7.2), Java JDK 1.6.0_37, Tycho 0.16.0, using a Target Definition which contains p2 repositories only, and a Product Definition which is feature-based. A “delta pack” is not needed, as all necessary plug-ins can be pulled from Eclipse release-train p2 repositories.
Other setups may work, but have not been tested.
If you build on a Windows system, you will end up with non-executable products for Mac OS X and Linux. For more information, and how to fix this, please read Building a cross-platform, feature-based Eclipse RCP Product with Tycho II: Mind your OSs.

While the info in this post can easily be found elsewhere, I’m trying to give a beginner-friendly, hopefully at least half-coherent explanation of the topic. Part of the rationale behind this is to make a note to myself, so please forgive any inaccuracies (or better still, comment on them).

When I first set out to build an RCP application, I had to declare dependencies to mavenized OSGi-bundles, which very quickly led me to Tycho, a “set of Maven plugins and extensions for building Eclipse plugins and OSGi bundles with Maven”. And while I managed to get my basic build to work relatively quickly with Tycho 0.13.0 (after a few posts to the immensely helpful tycho-user mailing list, a few questions on, and a dozen bundles of pulled out hair), I ran into problems with realizing a working cross-platform build.

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