A Stack Exchange site for the Eclipse community?!

My blog has moved to a new home. Please go to http://blog.sdruskat.net for the Brand New Code on the Block! And – like they said in the nineties – “don’t forget to update your bookmarks”. Link to this post on the new site: http://wp.me/p3klLL-2F.

Earlier this week, I’ve been listening to Episode #87 of the (then) Stack Overflow Podcast, where Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky as well as the (then) new Community Coordinator Robert Cartaino discussed some of the fundamental features of and ideas behind the Stack Exchange platform, which sets it apart from other interactive community platforms such as phpBB or vBulletin.

Websites built on Stack Exchange (SE) are Q&A sites. And while some of the other community platforms (e.g., see above) are often used for this kind of interaction – people asking questions and receiving answers -, there are some features that do set SE apart from forum/message board (MB) type platforms. In the following, I will sum up some of those features. While the (incomprehensive) list is inspired by the podcast, it does reflect my own opinions only … one of the latter being that SE is great technology.

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